Every week I end up hoarding a heap of tabs on my phone. Here is where I dump all the interesting links that I don’t want to lose or might want to reference again later.

You’ll get mostly dev and design links but also the odd bit of whatever hobby I’m into at the time (currently it’s chess!). Enjoy!

Design 🎨

Design Techniques List

A list of visual design techniques. I wish I’d put together a similar list when I started out in design!

Rive App

I’d come accross Lottie before as a standalone, portable graphics format but this seems even better again. Would love to get into exploring interactive graphics some day!

Random Accessible Color Palettes

Some wild color matches, but I love it.

Setting up a screen reader correctly

Pretty easy on Mac. More difficult on windows

Funky SVG Shapes

SVGs that you can copy and paste into your Figma or your code. These sort of shapes have an old school feel that is having a bit of a resurrgence recently.

Development 👨‍💻

Console Ninja

A tool that lets you view the results of your console logs directly in your code editor.

Grug Brain

Probably the least pretentious and most accurate take on software development that you’ll ever read.

web.dev Learn Accessibility Course

This looks really comprehensive and could be a great place to start if you’re looking to learn about accessibility.

Motion One - Motion Library

To be fair I haven’t used this yet, but I love that it’s build on the native Web Animations API and is lovely and lightweight.

Sliding Pill Menu with Tailwind

I hadn’t seen the peer syntax in CSS before and this illustrates a nice use case with a smooth animation.

Snuggsi Web Component Framework

You know that feeling where you have an idea, but then you see that somebody has already made it. AND, they’ve done a far better job than you could ever do. You know that feeling? Yeah, well that’s how I felt when I found Snuggsi. The way that Snuggsi interacts with web components is elegant and simple, and the way I wish custom elements worked natively. I’m already exicted to try using snuggsi alonside Vite or Astro to really lean into the component paradigm.

Other Interesting Links 🤔

Riff Fusion

This is like ChatGPT but for music. This page outlines how they achieved it and it’s a fascinating read.

Building a virtual machine inside ChatGPT

Absolutely mind-bending stuff.

Why the super rich are inevitable

The pudding posts essay format posts that are always of a very high quality. Their articles are also very interactive (the ABC do a similar thing) that feels like the way forward for news where people’s attention span for traditional written articles is limited. This particular article about wealth disparity tackles a political argument from a hard-date statistical perspective and I found it very compelling and engaging.

The Great Replacement

A vividly expressive and wonderfully human take on ChatGPT and it’s consequences. It’s a long read but I found the frenetic tone shifts, and definatly poetic writing style extremely engaging.

Chess ♛

Tigers Modern Study

Been trying the modern lately, it feels nice to play.

Hippo Study

Sometimes the Tigers Modern doesn’t work out and it’s easy enough to transpose into the Hippo instead. I know it’s somewhat dubious but for some reason that makes me like it even more.

Anti London Study

Gotta remember to try this!